Thank you very much for your interest in my artwork. Information from this form will help me to understand your project and visualise what’s in your mind.
This form is the very first step of tattoo process and if you’re not sure about anything, I will be more than happy to make you suggestions.
I want to create the best design for you, a design reflecting your personality and matching with your style. To make it happen, I need you to provide me all the helpful informations asked.

If your project doesn’t match with my style, I won’t accept the project. I need to be confortable with the full creative process. For complex creative design I will need you to leave me some freedom in the creative process.
Make sure you like most of my tattoos before you ask for a tattoo with me as I will ask you some freedom to create the design. Everything is possible, just tell me what’s important to you, what you like and dislike and why, the elements you absolutely want in your tattoo… etc

The most complex and creative of my design can take up to a full day of design preparation, so make sure the project is well defined. If you don’t like the design I creates for you, we will do changes it on the day of the tattoo until you like it.
My like taking my time for every project and every client, tattoo is a lifetime art piece and I like to make sure everything is perfect for both of us, design, size, body placement. I only take one client a day (or maximum 2 if the tattoo is small).

Please be advised that if no guest announced for specific dates and cities, inquiry might not be answered as they are filtered by opened bookings period only.

Looking forward to hear your story.

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